Cotton provides a low and insecure income to Indian cotton farmers. Crops are lost due to a lack of knowledge. Our easy to use technology inform Indian cotton farmers proactively on how to increase their yields. Targeted push messages give practical agricultural advice. Preventive measures are the key stone.

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New customer: The Rainforest Alliance

24 July 2018

The Rainforest Alliance has given an assignment to SmartFarming to develop a training app for coffee farmers in India. The Rainforest Alliance is known for its UTZ- and Rainforest Alliance logo on coffee, cocoa, tea and banana products and the Follow the Frog campaign.

My suray cotton was under attack of boll worm. In the SmartFarming app I learned the right doses and application of neem, before I applied this based on feeling. Because of the information I travelled to Akola and purchased it. After 3 days the larva died.

- Pramod Pansab Palsare, Farmer in Ramgaon -