Promotion cotton app in Aurangabad and Jalna

Saturday, Jun. 9

The SmartFarming cotton app is in its first full year of usage. The dashboard shows the app has a solid base in the region where we co-created the app in 2016 and 2017: the Akola district in Maharashtra. To open a second hub for distribution, Rob traveled to Aurangabad and Jalna. Maharashtra to meet farmers and to pave the path for the local team that will promote the app in June. Rob visited the large cotton mill of Laxmi Cotspin, who has IKEA as customer among many others. Laxmi works with more than 10,000 cotton farmers and is always willing to assess innovative approaches to improve the quality and the sustainability of cotton farming. For many farmers Rob met a smartphone app for agricultural advises is a new but exciting idea. SmartFarming gathered

new ideas how to distribute the cotton app the farmers. Also improvements for the app itself were revealed. Local weather data turned out to be of utmost importance. We will now explore if this feature can be copied from the SmartFarming potato app to the cotton app.