New customer: The Rainforest Alliance

Tuesday, Jul. 24

The Rainforest Alliance has given an assignment to SmartFarming to develop a training app for coffee farmers in India. The Rainforest Alliance is known for its UTZ- and Rainforest Alliance logo on coffee, cocoa, tea and banana products and the Follow the Frog campaign. The not for profit organization is headquartered in New York and Amsterdam and “envisions a world where people and nature thrive in harmony”.

The Rainforest Alliance is the largest certification program for sustainable coffee worldwide. At the core is the Code of Conduct for farmers with requirements for growing coffee in a sustainable way. The Code of Conduct is implemented via implementing partners like traders, NGOs, governments and company programs. The Rainforest Alliance supports the implementing partners with training. The Rainforest Alliance wants to test if smartphone app technology for smallholder coffee farmers could be added to the current training portfolio. The co-creation with farmers starts in the state of Karnataka, India, next month. The training app will be launched on a large scale in March 2019.

Picture by The Rainforest Alliance