Cotton provides a low and insecure income to Indian cotton farmers. Crops are lost due to a lack of knowledge. Our easy to use technology inform Indian cotton farmers proactively on how to increase their yields. Targeted push messages give practical agricultural advice. Preventive measures are the key stone.

No bright future for cotton farming

Most cotton farmers in India are bottom of the pyramid farmers. Living conditions are stressful due to their low and insecure income. Suicide rates among farmers are high. Those farmers lack agricultural knowledge and have poor access to low cost inputs. Too often chemicals are seen as the only solution.

Quality is hardly improved. Quantity is under pressure because farmers consider to choose for other crops, and the environmental limits are crossed. Water and balanced ecosystems to support sound farming are scarce in  many cotton regions already. Climate change is aggravating the challenges.

However, since recent years, cotton companies are investing in securing their cotton supply via sustainability programs. Many good initiatives are taken.  But it is not enough. Our smartphone applications provide a new tool in addition to a range of activities that are currently part of the sustainability programs.

Services for better cotton farming


SmartFarming App


The SmartFarming cotton app is a decision supporting tool for sustainable cotton farming. Cotton farming becomes more profitable by less inputs, less loss of crops and higher productivity.

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Customized dashboards


The customized dashboards displaying data obtained by usage of the SmartFarming cotton app. This dashboard allows cotton companies to make their field activities more effective. The dashboard gives insight in the quality and quantity of the upcoming harvest.

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Cordaid has supported SmartFarming from the beginning, financially and via its vast network. SmartFarming and Cordaid share the same goals. We both believe in equipment and empowerment of local communities to set their peace and development agendas and become leaders of social transformation. Cordaid has an excellent track record in pioneering innovative ways of funding. In fragile contexts, Cordaid promotes a more resilient business climate via initiatives like SmartFarming. SmartFarming fits in Cordaid’s resilience programs by helping small-scale farmers to adapt to changing environmental conditions.