Agritech Innovation and the Way Ahead at the NL-INDIA Summit

Panelists TechSummit2019

Rahul Koul (Director-Business Development) is looking back at an inspiring CIITechnology TechSummit2019. Today we would like to thank everyone at the tech summit for sharing their ideas and passion to work towards sustainable solutions for agriculture.

Mr. Koul represented SmartFarming in a panel session on the technological advancements on Agriculture in NL and India. Here the panellist showcased how precision agriculture based on data-driven insights has helped the sector.

Panelists: (From Left to Right)

  1. Dr. Sjaak Wolfet-Senior Reseacher, Wageningen University & Research
  2. Mr. Rahul Koul-Director Business Development, SmartFarming Tech
  3. Dr. Srinivasu Pappula-Glpbal Head-Digital Farming Initatives Tata Consulteincy Services
  4. Mr. Rohtash Mal– Chairman,EM3 Agri Services
  5. Dr. Raoul Bino-MD Agrotechnology & Food Sciences Group (AFSG)
  6. Mr. Ramesh Ramachandram-Senior VP-Mahindra and Mahindra
  7. Mr. Eric Egberts-Executive Director, Dutch Greenhouse Delta (DGD)
  8. Mr. Sonu Aggarwal-MD,Weather Risk Management Services