Data-driven solutions to make informed Rural Intervention and Investment decisions

Data4Moz and SmartFarming are partnering up! The collaboration aims to provide detailed insights into the Beira agricultural growth corridor, a vital agricultural hub in Mozambique.

The team aims to establish projects that will involve collecting and analyzing real-time data on household demographics, socio-economic factors, access to markets, and other critical variables that are essential for decision-making. The data will be visualized by SmartFarming B.V. into a powerful business intelligence tool, to provide key indicators that are relevant to investors and other stakeholders.

This collaboration is a significant step in promoting sustainable rural investment through data-driven solutions. The RuralMozProfile360 is a product of this collaboration, which will provide detailed insights into areas that are lucrative for investment and areas that require essential support.

SmartFarming is committed to supporting stakeholders with real-time data-driven decisions through data collection and dashboard creation technology. The collaboration with Data4Moz will enhance their proven methodology, which has helped many companies and enterprises to make informed decisions through data and visualization.

We encourage anyone interested in sustainable rural investment to get in touch with SmartFarming for more information on how their methodology can help your organization make informed decisions through data and visualization. The pictures included in this article are examples of the envisioned product.

Together, SmartFarming and Data4Moz are working towards providing solutions that will help investors and projects alike to make informed decisions and achieve sustainable impacts.