SmartFarming app

The SmartFarming app is a decision supporting tool for farming.  The apps are built from a farmer perspective with practical advice that is easily applicable to their crops. Data is gathered and used to make predictions and support management decisions of farmers and affiliated companies.

What is so smart about this app?
Customized bits of advice on cultivation pop up daily. They are based on individual information provided by the farmer (size of the field, type of variety, season, irrigation method etc.) and real-time weather data. All recommendations were prior tested and approved through participatory technology development with farmers. By using the app in crop management, smallholder farmers are able to minimize external inputs and increase yields. In this way, farming becomes more profitable.

The app provides the users, with practical support. This entails:

Pest and disease management: Based on pictures provided by the farmer, pests and diseases in the field can be identified. However, compared to similar products or apps, the Smart Farming App focuses on preventing diseases before they break out instead of acting when it is too late. This is done –based on weather data and planting date – through guidance on effective, preventative and sustainable pesticide use.
Irrigation: No more wasting of water – the app calculates individual irrigation needs, based on the farmer’s input and on hourly weather forecasts for the upcoming five days.
Pre-sowing: Which varieties are suitable for my field? How can I determine the correct spacing for my sowing? Ask the app!
Fertilisation: Based on calculations of nutrient requirements of the crop at the targeted yield, an individual fertilizer schedule will be provided.

Watch this video for an elaborate walk-through of the cotton app.
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