SmartFarming BV has joined the Resilience BV network

We are excited to announce that SmartFarming will continue as part of the Resilience BV international network. Together we will further develop and expand our AgriTech portfolio.

Resilience BV is a network organization connecting bright minds to develop innovative solutions for the strengthening of global food and water security. Carrying out research and consultancy projects for its clients in emerging markets. Initiating and investing in social enterprises to develop market-based solutions for pressing issues is a major aspect of the strategy.

SmartFarming and Resilience BV have both been working in the field of digitalization in agriculture in the last years. Agricultural challenges are very multi-faceted, a broad range of experts is needed for effectively addressing these. The collaboration between the two companies allows us to mix and match tools and expertise based on the specific needs of every project. Together we will further develop the joint portfolio of AgriTech services such as apps for smartphones and tablets, SMS services, field sensors, remote sensing and satellite data implementation tools.

As SmartFarming we are looking forward to the future in this new partnership in which we will keep working on boosting agricultural productivity worldwide.

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