SmartFarming Platform


Since 2014, we have been working intensively on the field alongside project staff and farmers, therefore we understand the main bottlenecks in farmer capacity building and have developed multiple decision support tools for extension staff and farmers. With our support, clients have been able to get more grip on training programs, enabling them to reach farmers who would otherwise have little access to information. With the introduction of our digital tools, clients such as Tata trust, GIZ, and the Rainforest Alliance, have been able to scale and show the outreach of their programs. For example, our app supporting cotton farmers skyrocketed – without marketing efforts – from 50 users trained in farmer field schools to 1400 users, all over the state within 1 month (reaching +8K farmers in total). With our experiences and learnings, we have now made a platform where you can build your own apps without having to go through the coding and development process yourself. 

With our no-coding platform you get:

  • Build your own Android app, with pre-developed screen designs for agriculture you can fill in.
  • Your own style: your name, your logo and your content.
  • No coding skills are needed. All you need is an internet connection.
  • Farmers only need internet once, the apps you create can be used in rural areas without connection.
  • The app can be set in any local language and font.
  • Possibility to insert any information relevant to your program.
  • The app offers a long-term solution and can be constantly updated which leads to a more efficient and ever-growing information stream.
  • Automatically, the app gathers data and serves as a management tool on a project level. Usage can be easily be monitored, creating a clear view of your impact.
  • We offer a cost-efficient way of training. Faster communication and thus more control over what happens on location leading to faster actions and faster results.
  • Your advice is always directly accessible for farmers on their smartphones in their hands, even offline.
  • The platform is based on a validated and tested approach; an area-specific, user-centred approach to capacity building and sustainable agriculture.
Please find a demo of an app and content management system below to get a look and feel. 


We also provide app creation, user-centred design and agronomy consultancy. In case you do not have the time or resources to fill in the app according to your preferences, we can do this for you. We will fit the training materials and information provided by you in the best possible structure for an app. 
If you don’t have a complete training program available yet we can develop the agricultural content for you. For the possibilities please get in contact with us.


Are you interested to learn more about the possibilities and what the SmartFarming platform can offer your organization or request the SmartFarming platform brochure? Please leave your contact details below and we will be in contact.


To get a look and feel of the possibilities of the apps created with the SmartFarming platform please have look at the demo on the right. You can click through the app to see the various options. 

The design of the app will be made according to your organisations wishes. 

All the content can be managed from an online Content Management System (CMS). A demo can be found below. This is to get a look and feel of the various sections in a CMS and how immediate updates can be made to your app. 

With our services comes an eleborated workshop to master you in the use of it. 

In case of any questions, please get in contact.