Welcome to SmartFarmingTech, your partner in promoting sustainable agrifood systems through innovative digital tools. Our team of experts is dedicated to providing tailored advice and cutting-edge solutions that enable smallholder farmers, agricultural companies, and developmental organizations to make informed decisions that drive success. Our comprehensive range of products and services includes software development, remote sensing, and monitoring and evaluation tools for projects. We offer all the necessary tools to establish direct communication with farmers and bringing data for marketing and extension via our “FarmConnect services”, and we support collecting data for analysis, operational and M&E purposes via our “FarmCollect services”. At SmartFarmingTech, we understand the critical challenges faced by those in the agriculture industry. That’s why we’ve designed our software solutions to address these challenges head-on. Our digital tools are designed to manage crop diseases, optimize production, and provide real-time weather and market conditions. With our expertise and advice, you can make informed decisions that drive success and promote sustainability. Partner with SmartFarming Tech and discover the benefits of our cutting-edge digital tools. Let us help you drive success and create sustainable agrifood systems that benefit everyone.

FarmConnect Services

Delivering expert crop insights and remote sensing data directly to farmers through various digital channels(App, SMS, Voice) for informed decision-making. We help you or your institution to connect with farmers to more efficiently deliver services and products. For more info contact  

FarmConnect Products

We use FarmConnect products below to deliver FarmConnect services effectively. 

SmartFarming Potato App

SmartFarming has created a mobile application, SmartFarming Potato India, to aid smallholder potato farmers in India. The app is tailored to suit the needs of farmers participating in the Green Innovation Centre projects located in Maharashtra and Karnataka. The Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) oversees this initiative as its commissioner. ETC Consultants India Pvt Ltd (ETC), a local partner, worked closely with SmartFarming to develop the app. The agronomic content and recommendations on the app underwent participatory technology development, ensuring their efficacy with farmers prior to approval.

The Green Innovation Centre India wants small-scale farming enterprises and rural entrepreneurs to get more money out of their work. SmartFarming supported the project with an app for real-time customised advice.

My Crop Care App

SmartFarming has been collaborating with the Rainforest Alliance since 2018 to create an application for coffee farmers in Karnataka, India. The application, named My Crop Care, aims to provide scalable agronomic support and is currently in the pilot stage in Karnataka. The region was chosen due to its relatively high literacy rate and smartphone ownership among farmers. A user-centered design approach has been employed, with farmers actively participating in the development process. The tool is currently utilized in both Rwanda and India

Together with the Rainforest Alliance and a group of Indian coffee producers (Western Gaths Sustainable Farming Consortium) we are working on a coffee app aiming to make dissemination of knowledge and information to the coffee producers a notch up. A platform that brings the small holder coffee growers together towards sustainable coffee farming. 

SmartFarming Cotton App

In June 2016, SmartFarming introduced a smartphone App designed specifically for cotton farmers in Central Maharashtra. This App is customized to meet the unique needs of cotton cultivation in this region, where yields are only a third of those in other cotton-growing areas.

A significant factor contributing to low yields is limited access to information.

The SmartFarming cotton App is a leapfrog technology that aims to complement existing extension efforts by providing the right information to farmers. When absorbed and applied correctly, this information can significantly increase productivity in many households.

Together with Arvind Agribusiness an android app for cotton producers has been created. The app focussed on supporting organic and BCI certified cultivation with high quality advices


SmartCane, our cutting-edge service, utilizes remote sensing and satellite imaging technology to provide valuable agronomic and management information to commercial sugarcane producing companies and affiliated farmer organizations, known as “outgrowers.”

Our primary goal is to offer timely and accurate data that enables farmers and commercial sugarcane producing companies to make informed decisions, leading to increased production, higher income per hectare, and reduced resource usage. With SmartCane, you can streamline your operations and achieve greater success.

Learn more about SmartCane on this website.


Smart Farming BV with its partner, IRIPO firm offer IRIPO services. It is a powerful solution that delivers timely agronomic advice to farmers, promoting sustainable agricultural practices and leading to increased yield, time savings, and other benefits. Our services are designed for small-scale farmers, cooperatives, agricultural processes, and developmental organizations, utilizing remote sensing and satellite imaging technology to provide accurate and reliable information about happenings on the farm. With IRIPO services, you can make informed decisions and achieve greater success in your agricultural endeavors.

Learn more about IRIPO on this website.


FarmCollect services

At SmartFarming, our mission is to help farmers and companies promote sustainable agricultural practices to improve yield and protect the environment. But we do not stop there. We also assist organizations in developing and implementing streamlined, cost-effective processes for designing, implementing, and evaluating projects. 

To support Monitoring and Evaluation (M&E) and operational decision-making, we set up open source offline data collection tools that are designed with a User-centered, research and consultancy service approaches.

Our team uses key performance indicators to create dashboards and track project impact from start to finish, including baseline, mid-line, and end-line evaluations. Our services include developing sampling strategies, testing survey designs, setting up digital surveys using open data kit, and gathering and cleaning data. 

Let us help you achieve your project goals and make a positive impact in your community.