SmartFarming Potato APP

The SmartFarming Potato India app is developed for smallholder potato farmers in India. The app is optimized for farmers in the Green Innovation Centre projects implemented in the states of Maharashtra, Karnataka. The commissioner of this project is the Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ). The app is developed in close collaboration with the local partner ETC Consultants India Pvt Ltd (ETC). All agronomic content and recommendations were prior tested and approved through participatory technology development with farmers.

The Green Innovation Centre India wants small-scale farming enterprises and rural entrepreneurs to get more money out of their work. SmartFarming supported the project with an app for real-time customised advice.

My Crop Care APP

Since 2018, SmartFarming has been working in collaboration with the Rainforest alliance on developing an app for coffee farmers in Karnataka India. The app called My Crop care, is designed to be a scalable way to provide agronomical support. The app is currently being piloted in Karnataka. This region has been selected because farmers in this area have a medium to high literacy rate and smartphone ownership is high. Farmers have been actively involved using a user centred design approach. This tool is used in Rwanda and India. 

Together with the Rainforest Alliance and a group of Indian coffee producers (Western Gaths Sustainable Farming Consortium) we are working on a coffee app aiming to make dissemination of knowledge and information to the coffee producers a notch up. A platform that brings the small holder coffee growers together towards sustainable coffee farming. 

SmartFarming Cotton

SmartFarming has launched a cotton smartphone application in June 2016. The cotton app is tailor-made for cotton cultivation in central Maharashtra. The yields of these farmers are only a third of those in other cotton regions. One of the reasons for this is a lack of access to information. The right information, absorbed and applied correctly, can increase productivity in many of these households. The SmartFarming app is the leapfrog technology that allows to complement existing extension efforts.

Together with Arvind Agribusiness an android app for cotton producers has been created. The app focussed on supporting organic and BCI certified cultivation with high quality advices.

Remote sensing services

Smart Farming provides (in collaboration with Resilience BV) agronomic and management information derived from remote  sensing to sugarcane producing companies and affiliated farmer organisations – “out growers”. The objective of the service is to provide timely information,  with which farmers  can make better  decisions, which leads to increased income per hectare and reduced resource use.  Furthermore, the team is using satellite observations to map maize production area’s. 

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